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Staff Directory

Best way to get in contact with your child’s teachers? Email. 🙂

We always do our best to get back to you asap! Most email address for New Frontiers School Board personnel are first initial, last name. (John Smith = jsmith@nfsb.qc.ca)

Not sure how to get in touch with someone? Don’t see your child’s teacher in the list? Email cps@nfsb.qc.ca and we will get back to you asap!

Office Staff

Caroline Beaulieu  |  Principal

Annik Noël  |  Secretary

Richard Lowther  | Caretaker


K4A Carol Ann Fruciano
K4B Tanya Kustec
K4C Chantal Daoust
K5A Rossanne Lacey
K5B Chantal Sirois
K5C Sabrina Bowmer
01A Jessica Boyd
01B Claire Steunou
02A Olivia Kidd-Monette
02B Sylvie Robillard
03A Debbie Penning
3/4A Sylvia Chateauvert
04A Emily Cuffey
05A Marie-Eve Lagacé
5/6A Valerie Phillips
06A Isabelle MĂ©luse
LC1 Isabel Plaa
LC2 Carleigh Moore
Resource Melanie Ongo
Music Moira Lemme
Health Erin Kyle
Phys. Ed. MĂ©lanie Riendeau
Erin Kyle

Support Staff

Special Ed. Technicians Ashley Choules
Victoria Steinz
Stravroula Gatsinos
Resource Attendants Ronald Deheer
Angie Hachey
Irene McNeill
Crista Socratous
Debbie Lozano
Amanda Ruck
Kristie Comeau
Daycare Technician Helen Vriniotis

Susan Clark
Wendy Dryden
Sabrina Black
Darla Williams
Harpreet Kaur
Cindy Chrystal

Lunch Supervisors

Irene Bedard
Diana Peck
Randi Bennet
Darla Johnstone


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